We offer massage therapy Boston services that will release the body pressure, relax you and feel rejuvenated.

Massage Therapy Boston Services We Provide:

Deep Tissue Massage $90Massage Therapy Boston Services

Our Classic European massage will relieve your muscle aches and revive the skin as well. Our massage oils drench the skin with moisture from rich botanical oils that penetrate to smooth and soothe while your therapist relaxes your muscles and eases your discomfort. Breathe in the relaxing aroma of pure essential oils to transport you to a blissful refuge. When your massage session regretfully ends, you will be left with relaxed muscles, elevated spirits, and soft, hydrated skin. A massage therapy session lasts 60 minutes.

Stone Therapy $125

Based on the Ancient Ayurevedic health system from India, Stone Massage uses warm stones on the body to reduce anxiety and bring comfort and warmth. The treatment integrates rubbing the muscles with warm stones and a traditional massage. Stone massage is designed to soothe, nurture, warm and calm you. The 75-minute session is deeply relaxing.