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An Elegant and Complete System of Daily and Weekly Skin Care.

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Quality Standards

  1. Total transparency. We list all ingredients and reveal their origin

  2. Feature certified organic and natural plant-derived ingredients: create elegant food for the skin

  3. Use only effective, nurturing and pure ingredients

  4. Formulated for functional synergy: all ingredients work together to support healthy, radiant skin

  5. No synthetic preservatives, this includes parabens, phenoxyethanol

  6. No synthetic ingredients

  7. No added fragrances or chemicals (you smell only scents that come naturally from the essential oils in the formulas)

  8. No GMOs (genetically modified organisms)

  9. No chemical solvents (other than water and CO2) used to produce ingredients

  10. No alcohols or alcohol-derivatives

  11. No petroleum-derived ingredients, this includes phthalates and other toxins

  12. Cruelty free – no testing on animals

  13. Meet and exceed the Natural Product Association guidelines for safety

  14. Meet and exceed the Environmental Working Group’s guidelines for safety

  15. Meet and exceed Lavinia Borcau’s professional criteria: each product is pure, effective and elegant


Your Skin Care Daily Regiment


"It was amazing!"

— Rose K. New York