Skin Pigmentation

What is a blemish, or freckle, or age spot? Underneath the skin's first epidermal layer is the blood supply. When the body has large amounts of waste in the blood, it deposits the waste under the top layers of skin cells. These deposits are visible to the eye, and are in fact what we call "age spots," "freckles," or "blemishes." Waste deposits under the skin can build up, leading over time to lumps in the skin or sagging. The body does this because the organs involved in waste removal are overworked and undernourished, leading to decreased effectiveness of waste removal by the intestine. Waste begins to accumulate in the blood, and eventually gets deposited in an organ. When that organ is the skin, we recognize it as an "age spot." A main cause of waste in the blood is a challenged liver. The liver is affected by artificial sweeteners and preservatives, artificial flavors, pesticides and other toxic chemicals. If the liver is unable to deal with the burden of these toxins, they remain in the blood and are carried in the bloodstream to the skin. To prevent age spots, minimize the amount of artificial and chemical food ingredients that you ingest. One easy way to do this is to make the switch to organic produce. To combat numerous age spots, a "liver flush" is recommended.