COQ10 and Aging Skin

Now that so many ads for skincare treatments are touting the benefits of COQ10, my clients have been asking me for information about this increasingly popular anti-aging ingredient. The name may sound like something out of science fiction, but COQ10 is actually a natural substance produced by our bodies. An anti-oxidant like vitamin E, this valuable micronutrient counteracts the damaging effects of free radicals on the skin. Recent studies suggest that COQ10 can help reverse the appearance of aging by strengthening the collagen and elastin in skin cells. So why do we need to buy something we can already make ourselves? The fact is, COQ10 levels start diminishing by the time we’re in our late 20s. The COQ10 in my LaVie Organique serum and day, face, and eye creams helps impart a fresh, healthy glow, while diminishing fine lines—and it’s safe for virtually all skin types.