Aloe Vera Part 1: A Long, Cool Drink for Your Skin

Legend has it that Cleopatra bathed in aloe vera gel to impress Marc Antony with her fresh, glowing skin. Other tales count Aristotle, Alexander the Great, and Gandhi among the famous fans of this fabled desert plant. Although factual support for these stories may be scant, there’s plenty of evidence that aloe vera gel can work wonders on your skin. Aloe vera’s proven benefits start with its effectiveness as a moisturizer. The gel derived from this plant consists of 99.5% water—the essential element that dry skin lacks. Yet despite its high water content, aloe vera actually beats water’s ability to penetrate skin. Scientific studies have shown that aloe vera passes through the skin surface 4 times faster than plain water. This exceptional ability to add as well as retain water helps new skin cells stay healthy and plump, so they fit together more closely. The result is tighter skin that helps keep moisture in and dirt and germs out. These qualities account for aloe vera’s healing effects on dry, scaly skin. It also explains its popularity as a burn treatment. In fact, burn units in hospitals throughout the United States use aloe vera gel to soothe and protect their patients’ badly damaged skin. My LaVie Organique™ product line adds the moisturizing power of Aloe vera 200x to every step of your skin care regimen. Aloe vera’s reputation as a superior skin rejuvenator doesn’t rest on its moisturizing power alone. If you suspect this claim is probably just another skin-care myth, stay tuned for Part 2. The results of recent dermatologic research on this legendary beauty secret may surprise you.