What's So Special About Silk Amino Acids?

Silk Amino Acids in Lavie Organique Day Cream An increasing number of skin and hair care products now prominently display silk amino acids on their list of active ingredients. But do silk amino acids actually add anything more to the mix than a highly appealing name? Let’s start by clarifying the role of amino acids in skin care. As the building blocks of the proteins in our skin, amino acids are essential for maintaining healthy cell function and renewal, as well as the skin’s structure and natural moisturizing factors. Amino acids also have antioxidant properties that help repair free radical damage. Amino acids are added to anti-aging skin treatments to help replenish the collagen and elastin fibers that give our skin its strength, texture, and resiliency. But not all amino acids are created equal. Those produced synthetically have fewer of the L-form amino acids that constitute living tissues. Our bodies use these organic molecules to synthesize collagen, elastin, and other essential proteins in our skin. L-form amino acids also have a natural tendency to form strong bonds with water molecules, so they can dramatically boost the skin’s moisture level as well. The all-natural amino acids used in my LaVie Organique™Serum, Face Cream, Day Cream, and Eye Cream are derived from the cocoons of silkworms. These L-form and other essential amino acids have a lower molecular weight than most synthetic proteins, so they’re better able to penetrate the skin surface and deliver the moisture and nutrients required for optimum cell growth in the underlying dermis. Like all the ingredients in my Lavie Organique product line, the silk amino acids in my serums and creams are produced by a cruelty-free process that causes no harm to the silkworm or moth. Silkworm cocoons have been prized as the source of the ultimate luxury fabric, as well as a medicine for treating a variety of ailments, since the days of Imperial China. Today, the legendary properties of silk have been incorporated into powerful anti-aging treatments that blend traditional wisdom with modern science. From the luscious texture they add to face creams to the visible benefits they bring to your skin, silk amino acids truly deliver on the promise we hear in their name.