Squalane Body Scrub Delivers Powerful First Aid to Thirsty Skin

Even with the best sunscreen, long hours under the blazing summer sun can really take a toll on the exposed skin of our bodies. With colder weather on the way, the last thing you need is parched, itchy skin. To restore moisture and resilience before winter sets in, I advise treating your skin to a series of weekly exfoliation treatments.Avoid a Dry Skin Emergency with Early Intervention My own personal recipe (see below) is an “Americanized” version of an ancient Ayurvedic treatment. Although the sesame oil in the original recipe is also an excellent natural emollient, using olive oil as a replacement is a good option for people who prefer to avoid sesame’s strong “nutty” aroma—and it delivers the added benefits of squalane (see previous post). Like the chickpea flour in the Ayurvedic version, whole grain cornmeal is a gentle and effective exfoliant. Both grains contain beneficial micronutrients such as manganese, an essential cofactor in several important enzyme and antioxidant functions—but cornmeal is generally easier to find in grocery stores. Super-moisturizing Squalane Body Scrub ¼ cup cornmeal Olive oil as needed Wash in a warm shower using a gentle natural cleanser. Apply cornmeal to wet skin and massage it into your skin using a large circular motions and firm, even pressure. Rinse. Apply olive oil. Do not rinse off. Pat dry with a towel. Put on an old robe and some comfy socks and let the oil soak into your skin (at least ½ hour). In most cases additional rinsing will be unnecessary. Image: Suvro Datta / FreeDigitalPhotos.net Image: Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net