Spring Turnaround: How Changing Your Mindset Can Change Your Life

What if I told you there's one no-risk, foolproof, and absolutely free way of ensuring that you look and feel younger than your age for the rest of life? And that millions of people who already know about this anti-aging method haven't put it to work yet?  Sounds unbelievable, doesn't it? But that's exactly the case with the healthy lifestyle practices of traditional cultures around the globe. Unfortunately, in the United States, as well as in a growing number of increasingly "Americanized" cities overseas, this alternative anti-aging approach continues to present hard-charging people-on-the-go with one virtually insurmountable obstacle. It requires them to relax their impossibly high standards and live a little—without the guilt and self-loathing that drives their ceaseless pursuit of total self-control and unattainable physical perfection. Trade Costly Serial Makeovers for a Sustainable Anti-aging Plan If you're trapped in a self-defeating cycle of deprivation and overindulgence, do something nice for your body this spring. Don't let thoughts of bathing suit weather bring out your inner Puritan. Whether it's a highly restrictive diet, Botox injections, or liposuction, one radical tactic inevitably leads to another in an endless round of increasingly extreme measures. Before you make this kind of high-risk investment, consider the latest research on the long-term price of quick fixes: • Botox – Repeated Botox injections gradually weaken facial muscles over time. Known as "disuse atrophy," this decrease in muscle mass and resilience is a major contributor to the droopy eyelids, jowls, and sagging jaw lines that develop as we age. The claim of Botox advocates that this effect is a "benefit" doesn't change the facts of muscle physiology and facial anatomy that underlie the most visible signs of aging and environmental damage. • Starvation Diets – Within 2 years, 80% of dieters regain all of the weight they've lost—or more. And the greater the weight loss and frequency of dieting, the bigger the risk of metabolic overcompensation and other physiological changes that eventually doom these fast and furious weigh loss efforts to failure. • Liposuction – A new University of Colorado study shows that liposuction patients who had fat removed from their thighs regained that lost weight in their arms or bellies within a year. The Old World Paradox: Living Well to Grow Younger Instead of re-engaging in this costly and ultimately futile battle against nature, give these three time-tested Old World wellness prescriptions a try. 1. Accept your appetite for the good things in life as normal and natural. 2. Discard your belief in the one-size-fits-all ideal of youthful beauty perpetuated by Hollywood and the fashion media. 3. Reject the extreme path of unnatural deprivation and self-denial in favor of the gradual cultivation of healthful moderation and long-term discipline. This attitude adjustment may strike you as foreign and even downright dangerous. But to the traditional Europeans who continue to live and breathe this balanced philosophy, the idea of giving up their joie de vivre or la dolce vita to look younger and more attractive seems equally counterintuitive. In the coming weeks, I'll not only explain more about the natural wisdom behind the European mindset and the specific strategies that make it effective, but also provide additional evidence for a paradoxical truth:  You can have your health, stop and smell the roses, and eat cake, too.