Hair Removal

Lavinia Borcau Skin Care provides hair removal services for different parts of the body.


Face Waxing

Eyebrow waxing—$25
Improper Bostonian Boston’s Best, Eyebrow Shaping, 2001

Lip waxing—$15

Chin waxing—$10

Lip and Chin waxing—$20

Face waxing—$45


Body Waxing

Full Leg waxing—$90

Lower Leg waxing—$50

Upper Leg waxing—$60

Bikini waxing—$35

High Bikini waxing—$45

Brazilian Bikini waxing—$65

Under Arm waxing—$15

Full Arm waxing—$45

Lower Arm waxing—$30

Back waxing—$65

Lower Back waxing—$25

Stomach waxing—$15

Patch waxing—$2