From My Neck Up

From My Neck Up


From My Neck Up is a scientifically sound, noninvasive approach to restoring a youthful appearance. The program is scientifically based on the anatomy of the face and neck and the physiology of the skin and muscles. In Europe, facial rehabilitation has become a tradition. Lavinia's version of the classic European facelift will enable you to minimize the most visible signs of aging by targeting their underlying causes.

One of the main causes of facial aging is the gradual loss of vitality and strength of the muscles that support our skin. From My Neck Up focuses on rebuilding the mimetic, or expression, muscles. Because these muscles are directly attached to the skin, increasing their mass and firmness tightens and tones your face, neck, and jaw line. The exercises in the video will show you how to use isometric, resistance and aerobic techniques to define and sculpt these areas. By improving blood flow, these exercises will also help stimulate collagen production, returning strength and radiance to your skin.

Like any exercise routine, From My Neck Up rewards persistence with remarkable success. It’s recommended to combine the exercises with organic skin care and a healthy diet and lifestyle. And remember, the key to reaching your goals is to stay positive and keep smiling.

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